Orange Sparkle Ball partners with accelerators on the structure of the organization, as well as within the program. In accelerators, partners and startups exist in a mutually beneficial ecosystem.  Accelerators must recruit partners, select startups, and maximize benefits. Orange Sparkle Ball works to understand the system and creates a plan to address barriers to engagement. Orange Sparkle Ball also works integrated within the accelerator to propel Startups through design and add value to the program. 

On the Accelerator

The below are offerings, usually implemented over a year long partnership are intended to to refine the mission of the accelerator and streamline communications across both corporates, investors, and startups.

• Defining Why •

• Define Ecosystem Nuances •

• Brand Audit •

• Understand Barriers to Engagement•

• Corporate & Startup Communication Toolkits •

• Corporate Education Plan •

• Startup Readiness Plan •

Within the AcceleratoR

Orange Sparkle Ball also works within accelerator programs to add design strategy mentorship. We recommend the following depending on the level of integration into the program.

• Pitch Design Consultation •

• Mission Strategy •

• Market Analysis•

• Brand Audit •

• Pitch Deck Redesign •

• Brand Redesign •

• Landing Page & Social Media •


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Corporate Acceleration Program

Orange Sparkle Ball works with a large corporate innovation group to define, build and communicate results from a program that sources startups to solve business challenges.  The ongoing engagement has involved defining process, creating events to engage the greater organization in the work and creating systematic processes to continuously communicate results. In addition to the work that supports the overall program, we also work to support the needs of individual pilots. This program has produced several promising multi-pilot tests with startups.


Internal Agency

Orange Sparkle Ball worked with large corporate marketers to redefine the way their creative projects were structured.  By maintaining a network of small groups of freelancers with specialized skillsets, Orange Sparkle Ball served as the central curation and management hub for project creation.  This allowed for a distributed creative team that could be easily mobilized to create deliverables.  KPIs were measured to show that the projects created through the distributed creative teams performed at least as well as projects created through a standard AOR relationship.