Many corporations work to source business solutions through external sources & startups. By seeking new technology, Corporations can continuously improve their businesses and products by finding innovative solutions that may not be readily available elsewhere. Orange Sparkle Ball partners with corporations to help them define the strategic role of their innovation/ventures groups, define workflow and decision making criteria and educate stakeholders. The Orange Sparkle Ball team works to refine the strategic vision, create an implementation/growth strategy, measure results and communicate successes.

Corporate Teams

Orange Sparkle Ball conducts a discovery phase to identify business, strategy and communication pain points and then develops an implementation strategy and execution plan based upon discovery findings. We help corporations understand their entire ecosystem and create a plan to address barriers. These tasks are mapped into the 6 steps below.

• Problem Discovery & Process Journey Map •

• Strategic Implementation Plan •

• Program Visual Identity Package •

• Physical Space Redesign •

• Internal Stakeholder Communication Toolkit •

• External Stakeholder Communication Toolkit •



Innovation Team Growth Strategy

Orange Sparkle Ball has worked with a large food and beverage corporate innovation team to help define the mission and structure of the team, brand the team internally within the corporation, and communicate with both internal and external stakeholders via videos, print and digital materials, events, and by creating a dynamic workspace. Over the two year engagement, the organization has grown in personnel, budget, results and internal and external recognition.

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 4.49.30 PM.png

Corporate Placemaking

Orange Sparkle Ball has worked to design large corporate spaces to better represent work to stakeholders and the public. This work includes 2D and 3D elements, projections, and interactive pieces to increase engagement, internally and on social media. The elements demonstrate progress, communicate new ideas and gain work traction both within the organization, as well as externally.