Our Impact Mission

Our impact work also focuses on idea and people acceleration. We use our full range of services to help impact organizations drive change. In addition, we also focus on idea and people incubation. We run several internal impact focused initiatives, as well as an apprentice program and a yearly entrepreneurial award in the College of Design at The Georgia Institute of Technology. We believe in empowering organizations and people to drive change in the world.

Apprenticeship Program

In 2015, Orange Sparkle Ball and Spark Corps welcomed the first class of apprentices into the studio. These individuals are talented, impact driven designers who are immersed in a summer or year long program to learn entrepreneurship, impact, business skills and innovation. Apprentices are critical in helping shape Spark Corps and our impact initiatives. Spark Corps has “graduated" nine apprentices from the program, who have gone on to do wide ranging impact and innovation work.

Interested in becoming an apprentice? Check out out our apply page here.

Impact Work Samples

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What is Your Story

interactive exhibition with digital extension

‘What is your story?’is an interactive exhibition comprised of anonymous stories handwritten in used books.  Authored by people of all walks of life, “What is Your Story?” is a touching look at struggles and secrets hidden deep within ourselves and how these untold stories connect us more deeply than we realize. The mission of this project is to unite people in their struggles and to end the isolation of being misunderstood. 

More about What is Your Story?



community engagement co-creation strategy

Artswap is the results of a partnership with the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District to increase engagement in Woodruff Park. Spark Corps worked with high school and college students to generate and market a concept surrounding taking and leaving art #takeartleaveart #artswapatl

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GroupHug (2106-2019)

community engagement exhibition series

Orange Sparkle Ball participated in GroupHug Collective’s Impact Design Exhibit for New York Design Week (NYxDesign). This year, the theme was surrounding renewable energy and we designed a solution to harvest wasted energy from New York City steam stacks. We have participated in this show at NYxDesign for 4 years.

Watch the Case Study Video Here

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design education product line

Flashlight is a design education brand that introduces kids age 5-12 to design while also helping them to build fundamental social skills. The brand consists of an activity book, two active design games, and a school curriculum for Design Thinking

Watch the Overview Video Here

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university design accelerator

In partnership with Georgia Tech’s School of Industrial Design and Steve Chininis Designs, Orange Sparkle Ball created and sponsors of the Make 10 Award. This award recognizes students for exceptional entrepreneurship, design, manufacturability, brand development and innovation based on their final project of the year - a product they design, manufacture and sell.

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government agency engagement strategy

We have worked with a government public health organization to restructure the process by which they track global projects. Tool was redesigned to reduce barriers to use, improve usability and show immediate results for leadership. We are currently implementing a communication strategy across the center.

View the PDF Case Study Here