Our Impact Mission

Our work includes impact design from across all disciplines including product design, design research, design education, graphic design, systems design, brand development, environmental design, and digital design. We work with our partners to help non-profit and social impact organizations to better communicate their mission and programming in whatever capacity that may include

Apprenticeship Program

In 2015, Orange Sparkle Ball and Spark Corps welcomed the first class of design apprentices into the studio. These individuals are talented, impact driven designers that are immersed in a summer or year long program to learn entrepreneurship, impact, business skills, project management, innovation, and more! Our apprentices are critical in helping shape Spark Corps project portfolio and future organizational goals. Spark Corps has “graduated" nine apprentices from the program that have gone on to do incredible impact work. Interested in becoming an apprentice? Check out out our apply page here.

Impact Work Samples

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What is Your Story

exhibition with digital extension

‘What is your story?’is a project that includes events, a window installation, and an interactive Instagram exhibit aimed at showcasing a fraction of the many stories that real people all over the world are too afraid to say out loud.

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community engagement strategy

Partnership with the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District to increase engagement in Woodruff Park. Spark Corps worked with high school and college students to generate and market a concept surrounding taking and leaving art #takeartleaveart #artswapatl

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GroupHug (2107-2019)

community engagement exhibition series

For the fourth year running, Orange Sparkle Ball participated in GroupHug Collective’s Impact Design Exhibit for New York Design Week. This year, the theme was surrounding renewable energy and we designed a solution to harvest wasted energy from New York City steam stacks.

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design education product line

Flashlight is a design education brand that introduces kids age 5-12 to design while also helping them to build fundamental social skills. The brand consists of an activity book, two active design games, and a school curriculum for Design Thinking

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local college design accelerator

In partnership with Georgia Tech’s School of Industrial Design and Steve Chininis Designs, Orange Sparkle Ball is the proud sponsor of the Make 10 Award. This award recognizes students for exceptional entrepreneurship, design, manufacturability, and innovation with regard to their final project of the year - a sellable product.

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government agency engagement strategy

Worked with a large government health organization to restructure a major documentation and communication software tool. Tool was redesigned to be more beneficial and directly useful for all stakeholders involved and allowed for more rapid communication.

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