Orange Sparkle Ball offers a 6 week accelerated program to gain initial investment and customer buy in, followed by a 6 month collaboration after the investment goal has been reached. In the 6 months, Orange Sparkle Ball will work to round out all work begun during the 6 week program as well as any additional agreed upon deliverables.

6 Week Program

Below is a sample of offerings during the accelerated program. We work quickly to supply a common line of communication to stakeholders. These phases will be revisited in the following 6 month program to refine and polish all deliverables.

• Market Analysis and Customer Journey Map •

• Brand Audit •

• Pitch Deck Strategy and Design •

• User Experience (UX) •

• User Interface (UI) Design •

• Base Social Media •

6 Month Program

Below is a sample of offerings we supply for startups. During the 6 month program, we work to round out and continue all deliverables began in the accelerated program and continue the common line of communication.

• Design Consulting Discovery •

• Visual Identity Package •

• Investor and Customer Pitch Deck •

• Full Website •

• Facebook and Instagram •

• Physical Space Design •

• Communication Toolkit •



Over the course of 2017 -2018, Orange Sparkle Ball created a joint venture game startup, Block Party Games. Orange Sparkle Ball was responsible for the development of the brand, overseeing strategy and market decisions, as well as bringing the game to market through mass and small scale manufacturing. The games have been featured in several Atlanta area bars and restaurants, as well as at the Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA).

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 4.09.28 PM.png


Proxi is a startup surrounding smart chatbot technology. This technology is utilized by businesses externally to gain customer feedback and internally for employee management. Orange Sparkle Ball worked with Proxi on their communication and market strategy in addition to website development, pitch deck design, and print materials.