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There are very few burdens greater than carrying the weight of an untold story. People constantly have trouble finding their voice for fear of being judged. Books, however, are the silent storyteller. ‘What is Your Story’ is an interactive installation created in collaboration with Spark Corps and our partners Booknbrunch, currently making its way between cities from the Toronto Design Offsite to the Museum of Design Atlanta. It is made up of anonymous, handwritten stories displayed in used books—and it gives viewers the opportunity to respond to these stories by sending a supportive message via postcard.

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November 2018

Orange Sparkle Ball worked with Downtown Atlanta Improvement District and students from Cristo ReyThe New School Atlanta and Leap Year USA who presented ideas for engaging the community at Woodruff Park. The winning idea will be implemented in the park and marketed by Georgia State University students.


Block Party Games Moda exhibit opening

September 2018

Block Party Games provided a fun and interactive way to bring community members together at the opening night of Museum of Design Atlanta’s newest exhibit “Design for Good”. The exhibit brought together kids of all ages to play games while discussing design for impact. The opening featured three of Block Party’s games both large and mini.


Founder Meaghan Kennedy Featured in VoageATL

September 2018

Learn about Meaghan’s journey to founding Orange Sparkle Ball. From CDC HIV Researcher to Design Visionary, she has plenty planned for the future of design as we know it. . .

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grouphug #respectme installation with spark corps

May 2018

Collaborated with Spark Corps to create an interactive exhibit that allows users to comment about how they feel about representation in the US using thought provoking statistics. Created for New York Design Week’s #respectme GroupHug show.


Orange Sparkle Ball Sponsors “Make 10” award at Georgia tech

May 2018

The School of Industrial Design each spring presents The Orange Sparkle Ball | Make 10 Award, which recognizes entrepreneurship and innovation. It recognizes products that exhibit innovation and manufacturability. .


Orange Sparkle Ball and Atlanta SERVICE design jam

March 2018

Orange Sparkle Ball sponsored and participated in Atlanta Service Design Jam 2018. We had a great time working with the community to teach and work on design issues. .


Orange Sparkle ball is aN #IDSA17Atlanta Offsite Visits

August 2017

As a part of IDSA 2017 International Conference, Orange Sparkle Ball and Spark Corps hosted other designers in our studio to learn more about our work and process (and to eat gourmet pop-tarts from Cult Carts)


"Spark Your Design Creativity" Receives Core77 Design Award

June 2017

The "Spark Your Design Creativity" activity book has received the Notable Design Education Initiative Award from Core77 Design Awards.


grouphug #POWERME installation with spark corps

May 2017

Collaborated with Spark Corps to create an interactive exhibit the helps users call state representatives to advocate for environmental protection. Created for New York Design Week’s GroupHug show and later showcased at Museum of Design Atlanta’s Designing Justice Exhibit.