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We work with entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, with startups and large corporations, to catalyze movement and communicate success. Our innovation work is often focused on business/function design, storytelling to secure funding, incorporating (or developing) new technology, refining products, acquiring leadership support, or increasing stakeholder/customer engagement.




We work with public sector leaders, non-profits, community engagement groups and students to catalyze change and maximize impact. Our impact work is often focused on initiative design, storytelling, refining products and processes, or increasing stakeholder/community engagement. We believe in providing services to all groups that produce impact work, regardless of social, religious, and economic identifiers.

Our Services

Orange Sparkle Ball sits at the intersection of service design and experience design. 


Brand Development

We specialize in helping entrepreneurs develop the strategy, identity, logo and expressions of their brand


Organization Design

Lead internal, employee facing communications driving higher awareness and adoption of priorities through creative campaigns


Product Design

End to End product design services from problem definition, conceptualization all the way to prototyping and testing


Service Design

We align the service being offered with the experience the customer should have


Environmental Design

We adapt spaces to fit user needs


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Apprenticeship Program & MISSION

We believe in providing professional development and mentorship to young designers while also creating high quality design work. In conjunction with our non-profit, Spark Corps, we select talented designers to mentor through a year long program where apprentices learn skills in entrepreneurship, business, impact, and innovation.


Network Partners




Taan Worldwide is a growth incubator for independent marketing agencies. Relationships are what makes them different. They are fiercely dedicated to an open culture, which promotes trust and connections that are often deeper than a typical business network – allowing for selfless collaboration and high-level idea exchange in pursuit of inventive solutions.

Why Taan?



Breadware is the most trusted source for businesses to plan, build and launch IoT products. Aiming to be the go-to resource for product development teams and designers, Breadware vets and aggregates trusted resources and IoT service providers to offer reliable options at each step of the product development journey.

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