It’s All in the EcosysteM:

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Startups, new organizations & ideas

From idea inception to viable organization, startups (whether businesses or programs) follow a similar path. This journey includes engagement with multiple organizations and journeys through similar milestones as they grow.



Programs to shape new ideas

Incubators build environments for startups & ideas to thrive. They work to gain community engagement both to source ideas as well as through community events and they provide mentorship opportunities to innovators. .



Programs to provide growth opportunity

Accelerators build programs that mature startups and new programs. They typically provide professional mentorship and opportunities to grow these organizations (through funding, access to mentors, professional services, etc.)


Corporations and large initiatives

Corporations must build a structure to receive and test viable startups and ideas. They must create protocols surrounding pilot tests and actively communicate potential opportunities to all stakeholders. . .


Orange Sparkle Ball offers a 6 week accelerated program to gain initial investment and customer buy in, followed by a 6 month collaboration after the investment goal has been reached. In the 6 months, Orange Sparkle Ball will work to round out all work begun during the 6 week program as well as any additional agreed upon deliverables.

6 Week Program

Below is a sample of offerings during the accelerated program. We work quickly to supply a common line of communication to stakeholders. These phases will be revisited in the following 6 month program to refine and polish all deliverables.

• Market Analysis and Customer Journey Map •

• Brand Audit •

• Pitch Deck Strategy and Design •

• User Experience (UX) •

• User Interface (UI) Design •

• Base Social Media •

6 Month Program

Below is a sample of offerings we supply for startups. During the 6 month program, we work to round out and continue all deliverables began in the accelerated program and continue the common line of communication.

• Design Consulting Discovery •

• Visual Identity Package •

• Investor and Customer Pitch Deck •

• Full Website •

• Facebook and Instagram •

• Physical Space Design •

• Communication Toolkit •



Over the course of 2017 -2018, Orange Sparkle Ball created a joint venture game startup, Block Party Games. Orange Sparkle Ball was responsible for the development of the brand, overseeing strategy and market decisions, as well as bringing the game to market through mass and small scale manufacturing. The games have been featured in several Atlanta area bars and restaurants, as well as at the Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA).

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Proxi is a startup surrounding smart chatbot technology. This technology is utilized by businesses externally to gain customer feedback and internally for employee management. Orange Sparkle Ball worked with Proxi on their communication and market strategy in addition to website development, pitch deck design, and print materials.


Orange Sparkle Ball collaborates with organizations to develop idea incubator programs. The intent of these programs is to engage the community around the creation of new ideas and entrepreneurship. These incubators can be open to all ideas or can be specifically catered to a specific problem or topic. Orange Sparkle Ball aids the organization with development of the incubator mission, business structure, and communication strategy.

Incubator Development Program

The below is an outline of Orange Sparkle Ball’s process for building and maintaining an idea incubator. The purpose of this outline is to launch and build community engagement through the lens of entrepreneurship.

• Define Mission & Purpose •

• Map Available Resources •

• Define Pilot Key Performance Indicators •

• Identify & Design Space •

• Build Volunteer and Startup Communities •

• Map Stakeholders •

• Evaluate Feedback & Results •


Make 10

In collaboration with Steve Chininis, a professor at Georgia Tech, Orange Sparkle Ball created a Make 10 Award to recognize both the impact of the Make 10 product commercialization program and the student work. Orange Sparkle Ball collaborates with senior Georgia Tech Industrial Designers in developing a product idea to take to market. Orange Sparkle Ball consults with students on their concept development, market opportunities, and pitch presentations. At the end of the program, students must take their fully developed prototype, make 10 copies, market and brand their concept, and attend a sales event to sell their products. The Make 10 Award recognizes the top products based on an established rubric to measure the quality of the commercialized product.


Community Engagement Grant

How do you engage high school and college students in solving community problems?  In collaboration with our sister non-profit, Spark Corps, Orange Sparkle Ball strategists have created and run a program that uses the Design Thinking process to guide students through a concept development process to create new ideas for increasing use of Downtown Atlanta’s Woodruff Park by high school and college students.  The year-long program is structured to engage students from multiple organizations, including Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, The New School Atlanta, Leap Year and Georgia State University, in both creating the ideas and marketing them.


Orange Sparkle Ball partners with accelerators on the structure of the organization, as well as within the program. In accelerators, partners and startups exist in a mutually beneficial ecosystem.  Accelerators must recruit partners, select startups, and maximize benefits. Orange Sparkle Ball works to understand the system and creates a plan to address barriers to engagement. Orange Sparkle Ball also works integrated within the accelerator to propel Startups through design and add value to the program. 

On the Accelerator

The below are offerings, usually implemented over a year long partnership are intended to to refine the mission of the accelerator and streamline communications across both corporates, investors, and startups.

• Defining Why •

• Define Ecosystem Nuances •

• Brand Audit •

• Understand Barriers to Engagement•

• Corporate & Startup Communication Toolkits •

• Corporate Education Plan •

• Startup Readiness Plan •

Within the AcceleratoR

Orange Sparkle Ball also works within accelerator programs to add design strategy mentorship. We recommend the following depending on the level of integration into the program.

• Pitch Design Consultation •

• Mission Strategy •

• Market Analysis•

• Brand Audit •

• Pitch Deck Redesign •

• Brand Redesign •

• Landing Page & Social Media •


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Corporate Acceleration Program

Orange Sparkle Ball works with a large corporate innovation group to define, build and communicate results from a program that sources startups to solve business challenges.  The ongoing engagement has involved defining process, creating events to engage the greater organization in the work and creating systematic processes to continuously communicate results. In addition to the work that supports the overall program, we also work to support the needs of individual pilots. This program has produced several promising multi-pilot tests with startups.


Internal Agency

Orange Sparkle Ball worked with large corporate marketers to redefine the way their creative projects were structured.  By maintaining a network of small groups of freelancers with specialized skillsets, Orange Sparkle Ball served as the central curation and management hub for project creation.  This allowed for a distributed creative team that could be easily mobilized to create deliverables.  KPIs were measured to show that the projects created through the distributed creative teams performed at least as well as projects created through a standard AOR relationship.


Many corporations work to source business solutions through external sources & startups. By seeking new technology, Corporations can continuously improve their businesses and products by finding innovative solutions that may not be readily available elsewhere. Orange Sparkle Ball partners with corporations to help them define the strategic role of their innovation/ventures groups, define workflow and decision making criteria and educate stakeholders. The Orange Sparkle Ball team works to refine the strategic vision, create an implementation/growth strategy, measure results and communicate successes.

Corporate Teams

Orange Sparkle Ball conducts a discovery phase to identify business, strategy and communication pain points and then develops an implementation strategy and execution plan based upon discovery findings. We help corporations understand their entire ecosystem and create a plan to address barriers. These tasks are mapped into the 6 steps below.

• Problem Discovery & Process Journey Map •

• Strategic Implementation Plan •

• Program Visual Identity Package •

• Physical Space Redesign •

• Internal Stakeholder Communication Toolkit •

• External Stakeholder Communication Toolkit •



Innovation Team Growth Strategy

Orange Sparkle Ball has worked with a large food and beverage corporate innovation team to help define the mission and structure of the team, brand the team internally within the corporation, and communicate with both internal and external stakeholders via videos, print and digital materials, events, and by creating a dynamic workspace. Over the two year engagement, the organization has grown in personnel, budget, results and internal and external recognition.

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Corporate Placemaking

Orange Sparkle Ball has worked to design large corporate spaces to better represent work to stakeholders and the public. This work includes 2D and 3D elements, projections, and interactive pieces to increase engagement, internally and on social media. The elements demonstrate progress, communicate new ideas and gain work traction both within the organization, as well as externally.